Puerto Rico 2014 Annual Report

Jose Correa and Suhey Garcia.

Conversions: 14
Baptisms: 11
1st Time Guests: 39
Morning Worship Weekly Attendance: 75
Number Involved in Bible Studies: 38

  • We began a Christian School. We have We have 9 children from 2 years to 15 years. They ended the semester with very good grades.
  • We began a second church and it is going very well. They have approximately 20 members.
  • The youth of the church are doing different activities to raise funds to go to the convention this year.
  • During this month the church will be fasting; seeking to know the Lord more and especially do His will.

When I see the land that God has given us, we know there is a lot of work but we’re young and we have love and passion for Christ each day. We strive to deliver the best to Him and to continue to carry the gospel to all who need it. We believe that God is raising up a strong church in Him.

We are very happy and grateful for what God is doing in his church.

Thanks to all
The love in the love of Christ

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